general dentistry

general dentistry

Bongaree Dental has a wide range of general dentistry treatments. These procedures will help diagnose and treat common dental problems, restoring decayed and infected teeth so you will be able to eat and speak normally without any pain or discomfort.

We encourage all our patients to visit us at regular intervals for examinations so we may pick up any small problems such as tooth decay or a leaky filling before you experience any symptoms. Our restorative dental treatments will repair broken down or decayed teeth and we use the very latest and most durable materials. We always take a conservative approach to dentistry and believe your natural teeth are worth preserving. Our treatments will reinforce your natural teeth and all our restorations are tooth coloured and virtually invisible.

regular examinations

Our dental team loves helping patients gain and maintain healthy smiles. Your regular examinations form an important part of your preventative dentistry plan and are the most effective way to minimise your risk of developing dental problems. Regular dental care also helps to reduce costs in the longer term and you can be confident your smile will always look its best.

One of the great things about regular examinations is that we can pick up any small problems, hopefully at a stage when they are easier to treat and well before they have begun to cause any discomfort. In addition to checking your teeth and gums, our dentists will regularly assess the condition of your oral tissues, including your tongue, the inside of your cheeks and the roof and floor of your mouth. This simple examination could be a life-saver as even though oral cancer is quite rare, treatment is much more successful with an early diagnosis.

This is also our chance to get to know you a little better and you’ll find we always have the time to chat about your dental health and to discuss any issues you may have.


This restorative technique can be used to repair teeth that are worn or cracked or which have a cavity due to decay. It is very important to have any damaged teeth repaired as soon as possible as treatment removes any infected areas and will seal the tooth, preventing any further damage. Fillings restore strength and structure to a tooth so you will be able to bite and chew normally and without feeling any discomfort.

At Bongaree Dental we use the most up-to-date, tooth coloured composite resins that only require minimal tooth preparation, preserving the maximum amount of healthy tooth structure. For larger cavities, we may recommend porcelain fillings (inlays and onlays) as these are stronger and more able to withstand the pressure of chewing.

If you require a filling, our dentist will fully explain all your treatment options. The process to place a filling is quick and painless, and the results should be durable and long-lasting.

amalgam-free dentistry

Bongaree Dental is an amalgam-free dental clinic; we only use tooth coloured restorations to repair teeth. For decades, amalgam was often the only choice for repairing large cavities in teeth. Nowadays there is no need to use amalgam as the latest tooth coloured composite resins can safely restore teeth. Larger areas of decay can be repaired using porcelain fillings which are custom-made to exactly fit the cavity.

Advantages of Amalgam-Free Dentistry

The procedure to place amalgam-free restorations is more technique sensitive, but is healthier for teeth. We will only need to remove any damaged areas of the tooth when preparing it for the filling, preserving more of your natural tooth structure. Composite resin forms a strong bond with the tooth, completely sealing the cavity so bacteria cannot penetrate. The final result should be a strong, durable restoration that is virtually invisible while restoring strength and structure to the damaged tooth.

If you have existing amalgam fillings, we can safely remove them and will ensure they are disposed of correctly.

root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is an excellent therapy that can help restore badly infected teeth. Before this technique was developed, dentists had no choice but to extract these teeth which is something we always strive to avoid.

Teeth can become infected if they are decayed, or if they are broken or cracked, enabling bacteria to get into the tooth, affecting the nerves right at the centre. Root canal treatment removes all the decayed and damaged areas and all infected nerve tissue. The tooth is then permanently sealed to prevent re-infection. Once we are sure all the infection has been removed, the tooth can be properly restored, either with a crown or filling.

An infected tooth can be painful and this treatment will get rid of the discomfort. Often a tooth that has been root treated will last for years, if not for life. Treatment has a greater chance of being completely successful if carried out sooner rather than later. If you do have toothache or pain when biting down, please make an appointment with us for diagnosis and treatment.